Sincerely almost mine :-D

Ok so I disappeared for  a while! well I had conflicting emotions and you, well you were no longer available as a muse until, that is, you were! You suddenly occupied a different function in my life and became everything, not everything, but everything I had ever written, about you.

I don’t know what to say about you because I swear there are moments…

In all that, you remain..I remain

Sincerely Not Yours



Fake emotions appearing real🤔

(July 2017)

I have not written for a while, mostly because I don’t really have a computer, but also time and of course the most obvious of them all, My muse was AWOL!! I stopped missing him for a bit but then he suddenly became very visible and voila, my emotions are in turmoil!! As if that was not enough I had competing muses (of course they have no idea they are competing) so now I had S.N.Y and The Land of Nod!! Goooosh!!!So I started to write, on paper, to ‘The land of Nod’ because those feelings were even more confusing!! ….And NOW!! There is ‘Corruption in Africa’, yes, yoou are reading right. That is the name of the other muse who has just joined the pack!! Lolestest!! I can’t cope!!!!

So for all intends purposes none of these are suitable suitors for differing reasons but they all invoke songs in me and words that I have no business writing or thinking about!



Land of Nod

Corruption in Africa

Sincerely Not Yours 11

It’s September!!!!!

Where the heck are you?

I’ve only managed a glimpse of you driving past my house, you didn’t even see me!!!

Do you not understand that I need you!? You are a part of a process that involves my heart

(Sort of :-/)

You are depriving me of my basic essentials in life

Twice I’ve texted you, no response!!

10 DAYS later……..

Oh my!!! My dearest crush, how refreshed I feel!! After seeing you again!! Properly!! Although, the effort it took!! Gosh Darnit!!

But alas, I had my moment in the sun!!! Oh & what a moment it was!!!

That banter, the ever so delightful loving banter!!

I missed you, I just didn’t realise how much!!!! I saw your car from afar & I panicked, panicked because I thought, Not again! so close and yet so far!!! I couldn’t let it happen so I asked the boy to run & catch your attention, he ran (poor boy)!! Gosh darnit, he just missed you!! Boy panting & knackered, me disappointed, contemplating if I should knock at your door when I get to your house!!?!, but then you came out again, you must have seen us walk down, coz why else would you have come out, RIGHT??! 😛

Anyway!! I love how you always show me a glimpse of your emotions!!

This time you called our thing “The Great Romance” Wow!!! Great Romance!!!?

Never thought I would get acknowledgement of this thing I seemed to have been on my own in!! :-O, now you are in it!!

Maybe it won’t be long now till I sign off ‘Sincerely Yours…’

But for now, You remain

….and I remain

Sincerely Not Yours


October 25, 2015

Hi 🙂

Finally I’ve seen you, talked to you AND been in very close proximity heart racing, there’s no mistaking it!!! I am deeply & absolutely…..ok, so it’s a clear problem when I have to have a mini break & debate BY myself, in my head as to whether I can attribute this to ‘deeply inlove’ or ‘deeply inlike’!!! I mean, seriously, you’ve got me so messed up, it’s insane!!!!

I thoroughly enjoy you!! That’s a new one for me, I mean, What!?!

I have enjoyed being with people (men) before but I don’t think I have ever enjoyed them!! Enjoy You, how do I define that!? Well, I enjoy my food, (such a food snob) especially M&S food, I thoroughly enjoy M&S food!…I thoroughly enjoy you!!!!

Because of you, I get new revelation on word definitions, on meanings of songs, a new understanding of words and phrases spoken by others in their moment of pure unadulterated chemical reaction to the person they are with, a reaction so often termed as ‘Love’. Never like, but ‘LOVE’

I told you I had a dream about you, you seemed rattled! I told you the dream, you got a bit calmer & thanked me. However, I didn’t tell you the other dream

I finally had you in my house, voluntarily, albeit in a dream (Lolestest!!!!). Can’t tell you that dream! Yet!! How would you react?! Gosh!!!

I am however, extremely excited & feeling accomplished!!

I have been waiting for you to finally use my number, my telephone number! You know, the one I gave you in NOVEMBER 2014!!! Gosh man!! What’s a girl to do?!!

So accomplished why? Well after months of asking & you telling me, me calling you a lier & never actually getting the call or TEXTS!! In a bid to prove you have my number, you showed me it on your phone! I made you call me to prove it!!!

Need I Say More!!….

Accomplished, heck yeah!!!

And yet I still remain….

Sincerely Not Yours

Sincerely Not Yours 9

My Dearest Crush,


How are you?

Oh how I have missed you so, missed you so much that I began to have withdrawal symptoms!! So desperate I was to even catch a glimpse of you!

When I did catch a glimpse, I was left rather bereft, I felt robbed of my moment in the sun (so to speak) 😀 :-D!!!!

Have I mentioned how you have driven me to insanity!!? Lolestest!!!

A glimpse is not enough, don’t think it will ever be again. I’ve taken to dreaming about you instead, oh my! How sleep comes so easy what with the joyful anticipation of catching a glimpse of you albeit in la la land but hey, what’s a girl to do?

My friends think I should tell you, but where is the fun in that? If you knew & I knew, then the feelings & emotions become controlled, heck, I might even lose you!! Can’t have that!!

So for as long as I can, and for as long as you don’t voluntarily express your undying love for me (kkkkkk, lol), you will remain my crush and the subject of my unsent letters

And I remain………

Sincerely Not Yours 



Sincerely Not Yours 8


Happy New Year,

I haven’t written to you in a while, well, since last year!!!

I guess I wanted to see you first so as to maybe, I don’t know, validate my roller-coaster of emotions.

Perfectly timed I would suggest, it’s not exactly seeing in the New Year together but it is seeing you in the New Year!! that’s done it!!

So yeah, seeing you in the New Year, that day was special, it became my official New Year, never to be forgotten, firmly & boldly etched on my brain, body and soul, I swear there were explosions in all of my insides!! You HUGGED me, okay so it wasn’t a full on embrace but considering I’ve wanted one for a while, mmmm, and THEN, You KISSED ME  (screaming!! on the inside!!! ). Okay, Again, not a sloppy wet kiss, or on the mouth for that matter, BUT, it was sufficient , Not only that, you went into a full on song & dance to the shop security guard!!, about how much you like me, like genuinely like me and how I make you laugh!!!

Nxcaaaaaaaaw!!! Beaming!! please allow me a little time to ‘beam away’ of which I did all the way to my house!!!!

And then your car!!! I was in it!! Finally!! (giggle overload!!!!  You gave me and my son a lift with our groceries, couldn’t have felt more at home if I tried, Oh My Gosh!!!, for just a split second (hehehe!! more like 7 minutes) we were like a little family. Almost got you into the house, a few more steps, darn it,

Ah well, at least you got to the door, now you know for sure where to find me

I Dare You!!

Sincerely Not Yours

Sincerely Not Yours 7


I heard this song today, it’s not a new song, but suddenly it had new meaning!!

I started to recall our last conversation, how I kept throwing you hints, GOSH! I even came straight out and said if you asked me to marry you, I would!!! You missed it at first, then you laughed!!

So this song…..

I don’t wanna wait in vain for your love.

From the very first time I rest my eyes on you,

My heart says follow through.

But I know, now, that I’m way down on your line,

But the waitin’ feel is fine

Lol!!! I have knocked on your door before, two years ago!! that was my first move

(Lol!!! Blushing moment) shall I knock again & make my intentions clear?!!!

My intentions being, I like, maybe love you (lmao!!!) but from afar mind, in the comfort of my fantasy world (crying on the inside, with laughter!) any louder, on the bus, I would be sectioned!!!

So the other day we met in the rain, you walked towards me saying you were not going to stand about in this rain chatting!! But you did!! You kept touching me, why do you do that?!! Then, then (mmmm, memories are made of this!!) you saved me from being hit by s bike! I suddenly wished I was in one of those movies, strategically falling into your arms like a damsel in distress (Lolestest)

Mmmm, moments to cherish

Sincerely Not Yours